An innovative and pleasant way to discover and transform information to knowledge.

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Everyday hundreds of millions of Internet users find, collect, manage and absorb information of any kind from different sources like web pages, videos, blogs, wikis, images, online books, documents and even online courses. Different kinds of information processing serve different needs or aspects of our lives. Just reading news, for example, serves our need to be informed about what happens around us. Whereas organizing, socialising and verifying information serves our intrinsic need to transform information to knowledge and understand better the world. Finally knowledge certification serves our need for social acknowledgement, a better job and a better life.
Based on these facts there are two different needs.
– First, users must be able to find or create, filter, collect and organize the best pieces of information related to a subject. The shelf life of information is now so short that knowing where to find information is sometimes more valuable than knowing any particular piece of information.
-Secondly, users need a flexible system to manage and efficiently use this information regarding its format (web site, blog, wiki, document, video, online course) and its purpose (informing, entertaining, learning, certificating).
It is clear that the fields of social networking, information management, online learning and knowledge sharing are converging rapidly. Because of this evolution we need a new and innovative approach which simulates the natural way we gather information and learn.
An innovative platform wich has been built upon those principles, is now online. Learn more on


About felixvargas

EFL teacher. My research is on: reading comprehension, professional competences. I like novels, poetry. ICT and Education.

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