Why your web content must adapt

Communicating's Mutating

By Callum Smith:https://sites.google.com/site/callumsmithwebsitecopywriting/

In comparison to your right brain, only your left brain hemisphere reads.

In comparison to paper texts, computer screens tire your left brain hemisphere.

You read less, therefore, of a web page’s words than a paper text’s words.


1.) Brain-hemisphere researcher Mike Gazzaniga stated after reviewing an experiment where a patient’s brain hemispheres were surgically separated:

Since it is the  left hemisphere that normally posesses the natural language and speech mechanisms, all processes ongoing in the left hemisphere could easily be verbally described by the patients; information presented to the right hemisphere went undescribed.Review of the Split Brain, in The Human Brain, M.C. Wittrock, p. 91.

Only your left brain, therefore, reads.

2.) Computer-screen resolution frequency slows left-hemisphere-produced brain waves, resulting in right-hemisphere dominance, and thus poor reading comprehension.

A 1969 experiment by Herbert…

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