Text-to-Speech Software


The eBenefit is: Reading comprehension, listening to text in an audio format, and shortening the time it takes to read.

Did you know that there is software available that can help you read faster and comprehend better. I have a problem with reading large volumes of information, and then deciphering what I just read. Furthermore, it is even more difficult to write an essay about what I just read. What do I use to help me with reading comprehension?

I use a text-to-speech software to help me get through the reading material in a matter of minutes. For instance, I can listen to a 10 page chapter in 8 minutes. How does it work? I convert the text-to-speech using my special software, and then follow along as the voice reads the material. It is really useful for other things too, like new Facebook & Twitter posts, emails, news alerts, etc.

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About felixvargas

EFL teacher. My research is on: reading comprehension, professional competences. I like novels, poetry. ICT and Education.

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